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Door type-Dish Washing Machine
nergy and water saving, and utilization of narrow space...
Dishes, glass cups, and kitchen containers may be washed within only one minute.

– Automatic replenishment of tank water
– Built-in electric booster heater (DH-60E)
– Easy to make space due to a corner model
– Tank Heater (Gas Type - 2.5kW, Electric Type – 5 kW)
– 3-door system that moves up and down
– Protection of water storage location tank heater
– Door Safety Switch
– Powerful 1 HP Pump Motor
– Control panel installed at the top
– Replaceable Up/Down Washing Arm
– Stainless Front Cover, Side Cover (Option)
– Pipes compatible with commercial products
– Detergent Feeder (Option)
– Hydraulic Controller (Option)
※ Features
- Available to remodeling to the corner type at the field
Three doors may be opened at the same time and it is possible to convert into the corner type by the array of a sink.

- Easy to Operate and Full Automatic System
By operating the power switch once, you can fill the washing tank, heat water, turn on the buster heater, and wash dishes cleanly.

- High-temperature Rinsing Water
Compact models such as DH-60G and DH-60E feed more than 82℃ rinsing water.

- Excellent Washing Capacity
Washing capacity is 50% more powerful than previous models due to the improved washing arm. Thanks to the recently designed injection pattern, water is evenly injected on the dish surface to wash dishes.

- Water and Detergent Saving
Recycled washing water is replenished by final rinsing. 4.5 liters of water and a small amount of detergent per rack are used.



※ Performance/Capacity