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HMF-500 Series
HMF-500 and 1000 Series are developed for Korean kitchens taking into account their size, washing capacity, and various utensils.
Such systems put various washing objects (cup, plate, soup bowl, bowl, pot, tray, etc) directly into the conveyer and wash them automatically. If necessary, kitchen utensils such as spoons and ladles may be washed using the rack. The system uses the stainless steel materials of appearance, pump and impeller. Thereby, the system removes rust occurrence sources and has excellent durability and corrosion resistance.
The conveyer feeding direction may be easily changed from left to right or vise versa. The system is divided as follows subject to energy sources.

Steam (HMF-500S,1000S) Type
Gas (HMF-500G,1000G) Type
Electric (HMF-500E,1000E) Type


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