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HSP-3004 Series
Hansonic HSP Series, which is a super premium global dishwasher
The Global dish washer of HANSONIC-HSP Series, Super
premium class.
HSP Series is a model used generally for places that need to wash a large amount of tableware, including large restaurants, hotels, hospitals, schools, military units, various industrial companies and factories, and food service facilities.

※ Outside View

※ Basic Specification

※ Options
A stainless washing pump may be separately attached.
B. Hood/duct system, drying system, and energy recovery device are optional items.
(If the energy recovery device is selected, the hood and duct need not to be installed.)
1. This specification may be varied without notice for the improvement of quality.
2  Water pressure: 1.2㎏/㎝, based on 15℃
3. Steam: 2㎏/㎝