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HDF-3004 Series
Hansonic HDF Series, which has perfect washing and drying capacity and is suitable for large restaurants
Hansonic-perfect cleaning adn drying economic for large
The width of dishwasher is classified into 900m/m and 1200m/m according to the order. This system can be easily assembled and installed despite any kitchen conditions. It has smooth backside compatible with all kitchens and is designed so that all maintenance can be easily performed in front of the dishwasher, without unnecessary maintenance space (about 1.3 pyong) such as exiting dishwashers.

※ Outside View


※ Basic Specification

※ Options
A stainless washing pump may be separately attached.
B. Hood/duct system, drying system, and energy recovery device are optional items.
(If the energy recovery device is selected, the hood and duct need not to be installed.)
1. This specification may be varied without notice for the improvement of quality.
2  Water pressure: 1.2㎏/㎝, based on 15℃
3. Steam: 2㎏/㎝